About Us


We started with an aim in mind – to offer our own personal experience to create wonderful, fluid, relaxed, yet adventurous holidays through some of the most magical places in Asia. We love working with people who live life to the full. Real travelling is being able to do what you want, when you want to. For us, this involves leaving behind the crowds, finding somewhere beautiful and meeting inspiring people who show us their way of life.

We operate our own offices in New Zealand, Vietnam and Cambodia and work with reputable partners in Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Taiwan. Our brochures are presented how we experience our own travels, moving from one country to the next, meeting people, enjoying new cultures, experiences and discovering new gems along the way.

Personally, we feel that the perfect holiday is a combination of cultural exploration, exceptional hotels and outstanding guides. The Active Asia Team has a shared quality: we love travelling to Asia.

Nothing compares to a chat. Please start by calling us to speak to one of our destination experts who will design your custom-made itinerary. A conversation at the start of the planning process allows us to immediately understand your preferred style of hotel, be it one of our five-star favourites or a homestay where you dine with charming hosts at their table & experiences to suit you.

All of us have lived, worked or travelled in our specialists region and we return as often as we can, partly for research and partly because we just love Asia!

Lance and  Valentina, Directors



We do the legwork, but you only pay for your actual holiday. And you only start paying when you’re satisfied you have the itinerary of your dreams.


No two trips are the same. We’re only interested in yours, and we don’t mind how long it takes us to get it right for you, one hundred per cent.


Oh yes. The unique experiences are absolutely our speciality. Shoot us a challenge! Parts unknown, honeymoons, families and even last-minute panics: we’ve got everything covered and plenty of tricks up our sleeves.


So once your itinerary has ticked any boxes you want to tick, forgive us if we lead you astray. Thanks to our contacts and some amazing local guides, we’re not afraid of putting a few suggestions in front of you. Because the reason you came to us is because you love an original insider experience, right? You won’t regret it.


We pride ourselves on delivering an insightful local experience anywhere in Asia – and therefor feel it’s our responsibility to leave a positive impact on any area we travel to. Through training, careful selection of suppliers and support of community projects, we are committed to working in a socially and conscious way and making a positive difference.


Not that you’re planning to be in touch while you’re away, but in case something crops up, we’re available 24/7 by phone, text, WhatsApp, social media or emails. Or you could send a pigeon and we’d respond to that.


You’ll just have to wait & see.


We take the time you haven’t got, to design a trip for you that ticks every box – whether it’s to see a destination from a different angle or satisfy your need to escape, indulge, challenge yourself or learn something new. So that when you return home, you are refreshed, revitalised and satisfied that you made the very most of your precious time off.