Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we book with Active Asia?
We believe in ‘honesty in travel’ and promise to offer you unbiased advise based on our personal experiences. Although we produce this website and a glossy brochures, we would prefer to pass on our knowledge first hand. Many companies will dazzle you with tempting offers, however many parts of Asia have a uniqueness about them, and getting up close and personal while making the most of your travel dollar and supporting local people is very important. We use local companies staffed by people with a passion to show you the best of their home countries wherever we can.
How do we book with Active Asia?
All travel agencies in New Zealand should have our brochure and be able to book your Active Asia holiday for you. Your travel agent will also be able to book your International flights, Insurance, travel cards, Visa’s and other requirements for you at the same time You may contact any travel agency in New Zealand – if they do not have our contact details, please ask them to call 09-360 7669
When is the best time to travel?
We often get asked about weather and when the best time to travel is. Naturally this depends on what your holiday plans are but our personal suggestion would be to consider how well you handle the tropical heat. If you wish to spend time at a beach, then you may want to avoid the middle of the rainy season so as to maximise your sunshine hours, but even during the rainy season the beaches are still popular and the weather often fantastic. If you live in a cooler climate and/or don’t handle the high heat of Asia very well, then our suggestion would be to avoid April, which is generally the hottest month through many parts of South East Asia. Check our weather guide in our brochure for more information.
How much time do I need?
A very hard question to answer, naturally the more time you have the more you will see and experience. However, it all depends on your specific interests. We are more than happy to suggest a customised holiday for you based on your interests, time frame and budget.
Do I need a Visa?
To get VISA information for your country of origin, please consult with your travel agent, the embassy or consulate of the country you are visiting.
I have been told I might need Malaria tablets?
Naturally your health is something that is very important, however just because a country is known to still have areas where Malaria is present, there may not be any need for concern. We suggest you contact a specialist Travellers Health and Medical specialist as unfortunately many doctors being unfamiliar with specific destinations, can only consult their medical manual.
Travelling safe information...
If you have any travel safety questions, we suggest you refer to the following website set up by our Government