Ngapali Beach

One of the last few unspoilt beach destinations in Southeast Asia, the golden sands of Ngapali stretch seemingly for miles on this largely undeveloped coastline, free from noisy beach bars and pushy hawkers.

The palm-fringed beach, spotted with small fishing villages, is the perfect place to enjoy an adventure or two in Myanmar. Scuba diving, sailing, cycling, snorkelling or just stargazing under a blanket of velvety speckles undisturbed by city lights, Ngapali is a perfect additional to your Myanmar itinerary. The nearby town of Thandwe has hilltop stupas which offer fantastic views and a thriving local market. Myanmar has the longest coastline in Indochina and Ngapali so named by a homesick Italian reminiscing about Napoli, is just a small but glamorous fragment of that coastline. With an array of resorts dotted along the bay, the destination has a justified reputation as Myanmar’s premier beach getaway. There’s a lovely variety of restaurants, both in the hotels along the shoreline and along the road inland; all of which, unsurprisingly, serve excellent, fresh seafood. Time to unwind, de-stress and contemplate the sparkling bay and its uninhabited islands. Speaking of which, if you can tear yourself away from the silky sand, we reckon there is no better way to spend an afternoon than by renting a boat to explore the shoreline and really get under the skin of the rural communities that call this idyllic location home.

Country Myanmar

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