New Zealand

New Zealand is the natural world we call home and it will catch your breath. Full of remote, unique, and mind-blowing beautiful spots.

It’s home to a population of just under five million, the capital is Wellington and bustling Auckland: arguably the country’s most cosmopolitan city. It’s also where you’ll find some of the most stunning landscapes, the most gorgeous deserted beaches and the wildest environments you’re ever likely to experience; with the art, culture and sophistication of its towns and the wild loveliness, living almost hand-in-hand. The South Island, a real world apart, is everything a daring traveller hungry for experiences dreams of, with the perfect terrain for hiking, kayaking, fishing, skiing … you name it. That does not mean, however, that you must break into a sweat if you do not want to. There are helicopter experiences that will take your breath away and ample opportunities to just sit back with a glass or two of fine wine and a gourmet dinner.

Country New Zealand
Official LanguageMaori, English
TimeGMT +12
Power (Voltage)230
Area (km2)268,021


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New Zealand
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