South Korea

A captivating mix of old traditions and new wave popular culture, South Korea is unveiling a new and exciting side to Asia. Classical beauty and deep-rooted history sit side by side with modern innovation and a fast paced food scene to tickle your taste buds, all encircled by a dramatic coastline that shifts from beach paradise to winter wonderland with the seasons. It’s true, a custom-made holiday in South Korea is full of the unexpected. While South Korea has long been known as the ‘Land of the Morning Calm’, its tumultuous modern history stands at odds with this serene sobriquet. Today, South Korean corporations, including electronics giant Samsung and manufacturer Hyundai, have become household names around the globe. Korean culture, particularly pop music has slowly risen to prominence, first across Asia and later the world. Indeed, South Korea is an energetic, creative nation capable of great innovation, and a major player in the global economy and culture. There’s nothing not to love in this unique place and your holiday will be full to the brim with exciting sights, sounds and tastes around every corner with our fascinating guides who will show you the best of the country.

Official LanguageKorean
CurrencySouth Korean Won
Population51.47 million
Power (Voltage)220
Area (km2)100,210


Seoul, South Korea
Showcasing the essence of the South Korean capital through its beautiful sites and traditional neighbourhoods, Seoul will charm you. Explore the Royal ...

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