An effervescing labyrinth which twists and turns between contemporary Japanese culture and traditional Chinese heritage; where night markets steaming with the scent of spice run into dramatic mountain landscapes and lakes glimmering with a sense of peace and solitude; a custom-made holiday to Taiwan offers an irresistible taste of the Far East, packed into one perfectly-poised island. In the 16th century, Taiwan was christened Ilha Formosa, the ‘beautiful island’, by Portuguese sailors, the first Westerners to encounter this lush gem situated about 100 miles off the coast of mainland China, roughly half way between Shanghai and Hong Kong. Subsequently it was ruled by the Spanish, the Dutch, China’s Qing Dynasty, and the Japanese before their defeat in World War II. Today, Taiwan now stands as a distinctive mix of cultures. When we think of Taiwan, we think of bustling streets, labyrinthine night markets and modern cities. Team this with an array of stunning ancient temples, breath-taking mountain ranges and shimmering lakes and you’ve got an island ripe for exploration. It’s fast becoming a favourite Asian destination.

Official LanguageTaiwanese Mandarin
CurrencyNew Taiwan Dollar
Population23.58 million
Power (Voltage)110
Area (km2)36,193


Taipei, Taiwan
Travel at a leisurely pace and take in the atmosphere of Taiwan to reveal a magical experience on this 8 day tour. Explore Taipei’s must-see sights; a ...

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