Con Dao

Con Dao is an archipelago of 16 islands located in the South China Sea. The main island, Con Son has beautiful beaches complete with a backdrop of the Co Voi Mountains and lush tropical mangroves.

Flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Co Ong Airport on the island take just 45 minutes so you’ll reach this remote haven in no time. The entire area is protected as both a national and marine park. Now emerging as a fantastic destination for diverse outdoor pursuits and luxurious indulgence, Con Dao is rightly being recognised as a haven of seclusion and rejuvenation. There’s nothing better than pristine, deserted beaches, colourful coral and scenic bays. The island is perfect for snorkelling, diving and wildlife encounters and Con
Dao’s location provides this like no other. Nature walks within forested areas could see you spotting resident black giant squirrels or endemic bow-fingered geckos, while along the coast, sea turtles are known to favour the uninhabited islands as a nesting site. While today the islands are enjoyed as a tropical paradise, Con Dao used to be infamous as the location of a colonial French penal colony which became an American POW camp during the region’s later conflicts. For those who want to get to grips with the rich Vietnamese history here, remains of decaying jails, crumbling colonial villas and the small Con Dao museum provide an interesting window back in time.

Country Vietnam
Official LanguageVietnamese
CurrencyVietnamese dong

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