Danang Beach

The largest city in Central Vietnam, Danang is predominantly used as the access point for journeys to Hoi An.

With few attractions, apart from the Museum of Cham Sculpture, Dragon Bridge and Cao Dai Temple, the main magnetism to the area is the beautiful coastline.

Considered one of the most picturesque beaches in Vietnam, Danang Beach is split into three main parts with the southern part the most sought after including Pham van Dong Beach, My Khe Beach (China Beach), Bac My An Beach and Non Nuoc Beach.

Local attractions in this area include Marble Mountain and the multiple golf courses.

The city’s growth came from the war when the area was once used as an important US Air Force base during the Vietnam War.

Beautiful resorts line the coastline and offer a great haven for relaxation with the beach generally uncluttered and without tout

Country Vietnam
Official LanguageVietnamese
CurrencyVietnamese dong

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