Mui Ne

Vietnamese legend has it that such is the beauty of the Son Tra Peninsula, fairies have been attracted to its beaches – and whilst we can’t speak for the fairies, we certainly find it impossible to stay away.

Within a four-hour drive north of Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne is a pleasant fishing port with long stretches of glistening powdered sand, gorgeous sunsets and wonderfully surreal scenery, offering a truly laidback beach resort experience. The nearby sand dunes are a popular visit and are particularly striking at sunset. They also border natural canyons, springs and a serene lake filled with lotus blossoms. You can also get great views of Mui Ne from the lesser visited Red Sand Dunes. In the early morning, the port is a hive of activity, as fishermen land their night’s catch and the locals make their way to the quay to buy the freshest fish. This chaotic market provides a fascinating peek into the lives of local Vietnamese fishermen. Expect to find fishing nets full of seafood, buckets overflowing with fish, raucous conversation and plenty of fabulous photo opportunities. Mui Ne is famous for producing some of the best fish sauce in Vietnam (and that’s saying something!). It’s a major industry in the beach towns of both Mui Ne and nearby Phan Thiet, where its production is taken as seriously as vintners take their winemaking. With its long, palm-lined stretch of sand and steady wind conditions it has also become a top destination for windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and other water sports. The kite surfers in particular with their spectacular flying jumps and acrobatic turns make great beach theatre.

Country Vietnam
Official LanguageVietnamese
CurrencyVietnamese dong

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