Quy Nhon

Conveniently situated half-way between Hoi An and Nha Trang, this pretty beach town makes for a lovely stop on your Vietnam itinerary.

Lush and laidback, Quy Nhon is unassuming with pristine secluded beaches, endless hours of tranquillity, beautifully entwined with sundry escapades and a simple yet rich layer of culture. With views of the azure ocean filled with striking archipelagos in front and lush green mountains behind, you could not be in a more paradisiacal location. The city is well-designed and endowed with beautifully kept villages, exquisite architecture, mouthwatering and diverse cuisine and a bustling feeling of trade and wellbeing. Han Mac Tu – Vietnam’s favourite romantic poet spent his final young years here and its common to see lines of poetry in calligraphy hanging on the walls of cafes and shops throughout the city. Its sun-baked and breathtaking landscape will lead you to some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever discover with water so clear you can see every tiny rock and shell on the sea floor. Should you tear yourself away from your private patio and that chilled glass of wine, take a wander along the long promenade at your own pace and lose yourself in the beauty of it all. There is plenty to explore in this precious city. Take a trip to the nearby Cham towers which date back to the 11th century and offer a great example of Cham architecture and ornate brickwork.

Country Vietnam
Official LanguageVietnamese
CurrencyVietnamese dong

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