ANNOUNCEMENT LAOS & CAMBODIA 25/07/2018 We would like to keep everyone updated on the recent heavier than normal monsoonal rainfall in Laos & Cambodia. Unfortunately due to heavy rains a dam collapsed in South – Eastern Laos causing loss of life and the 4 Rivers floating lodge in Cambodia has been swept away and likely […]


The Cherry blossom front

Cherry blossom lined Meguro Canal in Tokyo, Japan.

Haru in Japan is all about flowers and while the plum trees may have once been the bloom du jour, and the chrysanthemum remains the symbol of the Imperial Family, for contemporary flora aficionados the time of the Sakura is in ascent. This is a period when the land seems to rejoice, casting aside the […]


Wabi-Sabi – What Is It?

I have been gifted a book WABI-SABI WELCOME by Julie Pointer Adams, an interesting read and do recommend. I knew about Wabi-Sabi but really didn’t understand what it actually meant until I arrived in my new role here at Active Asia as the Creative Director. A role where I wear many hats. Sachiko, Active Asia’s […]