Home to a largely Sri Lankan Tamil culture, Jaffna is located on a peninsula in northern Sri Lanka and lies closer to India in distance than it does to Colombo.

Isolated for many years due to civil unrest, the city now openly and warmly welcomes visitors. As a less trodden path on any Sri Lankan itinerary, the city offers a different perspective and sense of culture than the rest of the island. In this small and low-rise city vibrant suburbs, colonial charm, an Indian influence and a vast temple district await.

Worthy of mention is the Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil, this impressive Hindu temple complex is considered the most revered in Sri Lanka and is also the venue for the annual Nallur Festival.

Not forgetting its mixed past, the star shaped Jaffna Fort built by the Portuguese, overtaken by the Dutch and then the British, also affords a visit. Whilst monuments inside the walls succumbed to conflict and destruction, the majority of the outer moat and ramparts still remain relatively intact.

Explore the nearby Delft Island, accessible by boat, the island offers a sense of sheer calm where you will see herds of wild horses roaming freely. As Jaffna begins to re-emerge on the Sri Lankan map, be sure to visit it now in its tourism infancy to appreciate the culture, hospitality and diverse nature of this remarkable peninsula.

Official LanguageSinhala & Tamil
CurrencySri Lankan Rupee
Power (Voltage)220-230
Area (km2)20.2
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