Travel through the peaceful countryside and head to Nara, full of historic treasures.

Visit Nara Park and Todaiji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is the symbol of the Nara Period and one of the world’s largest wooden structures. Its huge main hall and bronze Great Buddha are impressive to behold. In the park wild deer roam freely, considered to be sacred messengers of Shinto gods. Next, move onto Kasuga Taisha Shrine and study the thousands of stone lanterns that line the path to this serene shrine hidden in the woods. Departs: Daily

Destination Japan
City Kyoto
Departure Location Hotel
Duration 5-6 hours

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Tour Dates: Departs Daily

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JapanJapan is like no other country on earth with a truly unique culture, which may perceive as the exotic unknown. Even though Japan does have a distinct code of social etiquette it’s people are generous, welcoming, charming and warm, making any holiday here something to be remembered. A country made up of four main islands, Read more