Enjoy a traditional style dinner at a resraurant which reflects 1930’s Shanghai.

Enjoy a traditional style dinner at a restaurant which reflects 1930s Shanghai. Dishes are local specialist, including smoked duck and seafood soup. After dinner join a river criuse along the Huangpu River where you can enjoy the evening views of The Bund and the stunning skyscrapers of Pudong.

Destination China
City Shanghai


ShanghaiAn exhilarating and fashionable metropolis that epitomizes the philosophy of East meets West. The classical art deco buildings on the Bund contrast with the contemporary architectural skyscrapers of Pudong towering above the city on the opposite banks of the Huangpu River. Modern Shanghai is home to large scale shopping malls, luxurious brands found on the Read more


ChinaA spine-tingling and glorious colossus of a country that charms all who travel there. We are constantly bowled over by China – its beauty, ancient history and powerful presence are all intoxicating, but what we feel is most fascinating is the unexpectedly fun and agile sense of humour of its people. China is the most Read more