Perfect for those new to the area, discover the popular sightseeing spots in Kanazawa, known as the Hyakumangoku castle town.

Learn about the tradition and culture with visits to Nagamachi samurai district, explore the former Nomura Residence, a samurai family from the Kaga Domain; admire the beautiful Kenrokuen Garden; and later visit Higashi Chayagai, an important traditional building preservation district. Here, wooden-latticed exteriors of teahouses line both sides of the stone-paved street. Departs: Monday, Wednesday & Saturday

Destination Japan
City Kanazawa
Departure Location Hotel
Duration 5 hours

Tour Schedule

Tour Dates: Departs Monday, Wednesday & Saturday

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KanazawaSurrounded by the Japan Alps, Hakusan National Park and Noto Peninsula Natural Park, Kanazawa offers a natural background of great beauty. Providing a tranquil contrast to the bustling cities, any journey to this area is a feast for the eyes. Spared during the World War II bombings, Kanazawa is known for its well-preserved Edo-era districts, Read more


JapanJapan is like no other country on earth with a truly unique culture, which many perceive as the exotic unknown. Even though Japan does have a distinct code of social etiquette it’s people are generous, welcoming, charming and warm, making any holiday here something to be remembered. A country made up of four main islands, Read more