Why is Mt. Phousi called Mt. Phousi?

What has it got to do with mushrooms and the Ramayana? Where does the name of the Nam Khan River come from? If you are curious to discover the answer to these questions, Garavek is the place for you. Join a special intimate show of traditional Lao folktales and legends, presented in English by a Lao story teller together with the live musical accompaniment of the khene – a handmade bamboo mouth organ, the quintessential Lao folk instrument. After the show, you’ll look at Luang Prabang with a different perspective.

Destination Laos
City Luang Prabang
Departure Location Hotel
Duration 1 hour

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Tour Dates Departs Daily

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Luang Prabang

Luang PrabangListed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this former ancient capital is a quaint town with crumbling French-Indochinese architecture, glistening temples and widespread natural beauty. Built on a peninsula formed by the Mekong and the Nam Khan River, this tiny town is the heart of this mountainous region. With a strict building code set in Read more


LaosIf there is anywhere on the planet that we encourage you to embrace living as the locals do, it’s Laos. Resting in the shadow of what was once French Indochina, hidden temples and traditional Buddhist ceremonies reveal themselves, whilst on the Mekong River, day-to-day life plays out before you. The sleepy capital, Vientiane provides a Read more